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Houthis VS. Saudi Arabia

Posted by محمد لرضي on April 30, 2015 at 10:07 PM

In the name of ALLAH, the Most Gracious, Most Merciful



Saudi Arabia has reinforced its security on its borders with Yemen by building a barrier wall, which is equipped with electronic monitoring systems and has a height of 3 meters. Its aim is to prevent the infiltration of illegal immigrants into Saudi Arabia, across the Red Sea. Saudi Arabia has also embarrassed Yemen by announcing the deportation of nearly 18,620 Yemenis over the past week, as means of exerting pressure and blackmail on the new government - even though Yemeni workers have formed the backbone of the Saudi economy from the mid-seventies until 1990.


Houthis spread out in Sa'ada, Al-Jawf, Hajjah and other areas adjacent to the border with Saudi Arabia are a major threat to the goals of Saudi Arabia, which is introducing the new system in order to keep its word in Yemen after the revolution - something which gave rise to the largest military manoeuvres with the United States in its history. The ostensible aim of this was to confront al-Qaeda in Yemen, while the secret aim was to boost its grip on the oil.


This gave a strong impetus to the speed of movement on the Saudi side to control the « the oil treasure» in Yemeni territory, and it also explains the political deal behind the Jeddah agreement between Saudi Arabia and the regime of the former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh. According to the terms of the agreement in 2000 Riyadh would be satisfied in return for financial grants to Yemeni officials and to elders who stood behind the agreement. But then Huthists (supported by Tehran as an influential player in Yemeni affairs) appeared on the scene to ruin the deal.


Yemen has the largest source of oil in the world, of which a section ( in a small area at a depth of 1800 meters) spans Saudi Arabia. The oil wells above which Yemen sits are located in some vital spots, such as the area between AL- Jawf, Marib and The Empty Quarter desert. This explains the accelerating of Saudi Arabian attempts to control these areas against Yemeni insistence without demarcating the border in these areas, and the sufficiency of demarcating of the border in the western desert. An oil expert in Yemen said the production of the AL- Jawf field, which is 5 million barrels per day, is being withdrawn in a horizontal manner to Saudi territory.



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